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Bazuka Sub Zero Freeze Treatment

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Bazuka Sub Zero Freeze Treatment

Bazuka Sub-Zero is a 'freezing' wart removal device based on the cryotherapy method used by doctors. Bazuka Sub-Zero is an effective freezing device for removing common warts and verrucas in the convenience of your own home. It works by quickly freezing the wart or verruca to its core, causing the formation of a blister underneath the wart or verruca which helps it loosen and to fall off, often within a couple of weeks or so of freezing, revealing normal healthy skin underneath.

It is important that you use Bazuka Sub-Zero cautiously, applying it with steady gentle pressure only to the wart or verruca and only for very short periods as directed in the patient information leaflet.


Follow the directions given in the patient information leaflet.


The freezing agent is a liquified mixture of dimethyl ether, propane and isobutane. The pack contains a pressurised aerosol can containing 50ml of the freezing agent, a dome shaped safety cap, 12 foam activators and an instruction leaflet

Always read the leaflet