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Caphosol Mouthwash Weekly Pack x 32 x 15ml

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Caphosol Mouthwash Weekly Pack

Caphosol is a mouth rinse designed to moisten, lubricate and clean the oral cavity to relieve dryness of the mouth, whatever the cause. It also treats and prevents oral mucositis caused by radiation or high dose chemotherapy.

Caphosol is a Class I CE marked medical device.

Oral mucositis, dry mouth.
Adults and Children: 4-10 times daily.
Rinse 15ml of the dose around mouth for 1 min then repeat with remaining 15ml.
1 dose = 1 x 15ml Caphosol A + 1 x 15ml Caphosol B mixed together.

A Weekly Pack contains 32 doses




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