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Coban 2 Multi-layer Compression Bandage X 1

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Coban 2 Multi-layer Compression Bandage One Size

Coban 2 Lite, manufactured by 3M, is designed to achieve sustained, therapeutic compression with reduced sub-bandage resting pressures. This 2 layer compression bandage offers a low profile Compression Bandage that wraps the limb joint or affected area and holds that compression for up to a week. Simply, roll on the padded layer and then wrap the compression layer over-top. The lite design reduces the pressure on the contact surface by 25 percent, making this compression bandage more comfortable than before.

Coban Compression Bandage is designed to allow patients to wear their own shoes, pants, etc. This Multi Layer Compression Bandage can replace more invasive braces and wraps that would go outside the clothing, in some cases. Coban lite pressure bandage wraps are perfect for those who need compression, but cannot tolerate high compression.

Features and Benefits:

- Cohesive Bandage Does not Stick to the Skin
- Wear Under the Clothing
- Works for up to 7 Days
- Reduces Swelling




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