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CosmoCol Sachets Lemon & Lime Flavour x 30 / 20

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CosmoCol Sachets

CosmoCol is suitable for the treatment of long term (chronic) constipation and faecal impaction (persistent constipation where a large volume of stools cause a blockage of the rectum and/or colon).

CosmoCol Sachets contain macrogol 3350 which makes faeces softer and easier to pass and electrolytes (salts) to help to maintain the body's normal levels of sodium, potassium and water during treatment


CosmoCol sachets can be taken at any time with or without food or drink.

Treatment of chronic constipation in adults, children aged 12 years and over and the elderly:
  • The recommended dose for constipation is one sachet taken one to three times daily.
  • This course of treatment for constipation should not normally last longer than 2 weeks.

Treatment of faecal impaction in adults, children aged 12 years and over and the elderly:
  • Before taking CosmoCol sachets for faecal impaction, your doctor must check to confirm that you have this condition.
  • The recommended dose is 8 sachets daily, all of which should be consumed within 6 hours.
  • To prevent further problems from faecal impaction, your doctor may advise that you continue taking this medicine. You should use the dose for chronic constipation.
  • The course of treatment for faecal impaction should be stopped when a large volume of stools is passed and does not normally last longer than 3 days.

How to mix:
  • Open the sachet and pour the contents into a glass.
  • Add about 125 ml or a quarter pint of water to the glass.
  • Stir well until the powder has dissolved and then drink it.


  • Active Ingredients: Macrogol 3350 13.125g, sodium chloride 0.3507g, sodium hydrogen carbonate 0.1785g and potassium chloride 0.0466g.
  • Other Ingredients: Colloidal anhydrous silica, saccharin sodium (contains flavouring preparations, maltodextrin, mannitol, gluconolactone, sorbitol (E420), acacia gum, colloidal anhydrous silica).


Some medicines (always read the leaflet) may not work as effectively during use with CosmoCol Sachets. Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, or have recently taken, any other medicines, including medicines obtained over the counter.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding talk to your doctor before taking CosmoCol Sachets.

CosmoCol Sachets contain 0.63 mmol (25 mg) of potassium per sachet. This should be taken into consideration if you take more than one sachet daily and you have reduced kidney function, or if you are on a controlled potassium diet.

CosmoCol Sachets contain 8.1 mmol (187 mg) of sodium per sachet. This should be taken into consideration if you are on a controlled sodium diet.
CosmoCol Sachets contain sorbitol (E420). If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this medicinal product.

Do not take CosmoCol Sachets:
  • If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to macrogol 3350, sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium chloride, or any of the other ingredients.
  • If you have a perforated gut (bowel) wall.
  • If you have a blockage in your intestine (gut obstruction, ileus).
  • If you have inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or toxic megacolon.