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Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive Dressings x 10 Ulcers Wounds Postop

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Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive Dressings

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive Dressings are designed for all contaminated, colonised or infected shallow wounds with low to moderate and low viscosity exudate levels including arterial, venous, pressure and diabetic foot ulcers, post-operative, dehisced wounds and traumatic wounds.

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive Dressings are a unique combination of a DACC-coated Cutimed Sorbact swab and a self-adapting, actively responsive hydropolymer matrix. They reduce bacterial load, debride the wound bed, plus absorb and lock wound exudate whilst maintaining a moist wound environment.

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive Dressings supports infection management by rapid and effectively reducing wound pathogens and fungi in a moist environment. They absorb and lock in exudate, even under compression, prevent maceration and supports moist wound healing. They conform to the wound bed and cushions and protects the wound for an atraumatic, dressing change.

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive Dressings contain no chemically active agents, so there is o risk of allergic reactions to the DACC-coated wound contact layer. This means that they can be used safely on all patients including babies and young children, and nursing mothers. It also means that dressings are safe to use for prolonged periods of time or prophyiatically and cytotoxicity is not an issue as they bind and inactivate wound pathogens without releasing any chemically active substances into the wound bed which might impair wound healing.

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