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Ensure Plus Variety Pack (Juice/Milkshake 14 x 200ml)

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Ensure Plus

A mixture of flavours supplied - May vary depending on availability. Please message if specific flavours are required

Ensure Plus can be taken as a sole source of nutrition or in combination with food and drink. Ensure Plus contains over 300 calories per Ensure Plus drink to provide maximum dietary nutrition and healthy nutritional requirements.


  • Presented in 200ml (330 kcal) bottles

  • Uses
    Suitable as a nutritional supplement or as a sole source of nutrition
    Nutritionally complete for vitamins and minerals in 1000 ml (excluding electrolytes, calculated using the UK Reference Nutrient Intake for men aged 19-50 years)
  • Product Name Suitable for Kosher diets Suitable for Halal diets Suitable for vegetarians Clinically lactose-free Gluten free
    Ensure Plus milkshake style OK OK OK OK OK
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