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Flivasorb Adhesive Wound Dressing 15cm x 25cm (Now Vliwasorb Pro)

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Flivasorb Adhesive Wound Dressing

Flivasorb Adhesive is the same as Flivasorb, but with an adhesive border. The dressing requires no additional fixation, and is particularly useful for areas where it would be difficult to apply a dressing requiring fixation. Suitable for heavily exuding wounds.


Primary dressing for the management of heavily exuding, superficial wounds and as a secondary dressing for deep, heavily exuding wounds. This includes pressure ulcers, leg ulcers of various aetiologies, diabetic foot ulcers, postoperative wounds healing by secondary intention, laparotomy wounds and fistulae. Also suitable for leaking legs and lymphorrhoea.


Known sensitivity to any components of the dressing. Not suitable for lightly exuding wounds or as a primary dressing on tracking fistulae or deep tunnelling wounds. The dressing must not be cut or torn.




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