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Melgisorb Plus Absorb Dressings 10cm x 10cm x 5

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Melgisorb Plus Absorb Dressings
Melgisorb Plus absorbs exudate to which forms a soft, moist gel when in contact with the alginate fibres. This provides a moist environment which facilitates the healing process. The gel can be easily removed by irrigating with saline.


- Hydrophillic alginate fibres
- Excellent absorption capabilities
- High wet strength for one-piece removal
- High retention to linit maceration


- Does not adhere to the wounds
- Soft, pliable and conformable
- Suitable for cavity wounds
- Can be cut to shape


Melgisorb Plus can be used on a wide range of moderately to heavily exuding, infected or non-infected wounds.

- Venous and arterial ulcers
- Diabetic ulcers
- Pressure sores
- Post-operative wounds


- Melgisorb Plus is not for use on dry wounds, surgical implantations or 3rd degree burns.
- Follow local routines given by health care professionals if infection is suspected.
- Preformance may deteriorate if reused, and cross contamination can occur.



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