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Mepitel Transparent Film Dressings 15.5cm x 20cm x 10

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Mepitel Transparent Film Dressings

Mepitel Film Dressings are gentle, transparent breathable film dressings for a wide range of minor wounds such as category 1 and 2 pressure ulcers, superficial skin injuries and superficial burns. They use the unique Safetac adhesive which minimises pain and trauma before, at and after dressing changes. They limits the risk for damage of ly formed tissue, seal the wound margins and reduce the risk of maceration

Mepitel Film Dressings can be used alone to protect fragile and sensitive skin or in conjunction with other products, for example as a protective cover for open surgical wounds, and in combination with gels and ointments. They can be used underneath fixation tapes and devices, forming a protective landing zone for the fixation tape.

Mepitel Film Dressings provide a flexible, transparent covering to protect the skin or wound from microbial contamination, fluid strike through and from other external contamination while conforming to surface irregularities and body contours. They maintain a moist environment even though the vapour permeability allows excess moisture to pass away from the skin.