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NOVOPEN 6 Silver Smart Pen

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NOVOPEN 6 Smart Pen


NovoPen® 6 is a new, smart pen that automatically records insul. dosing information about each injection. So you don’t have to.

NovoPen® 6 is intended for patients who have been prescribed Novo Nordisk cartridges.


Records dosing information

Automatically records when you inject and how many units you inject.

Shows effects on blood glucose levels

Dosing information from NovoPen 6 can be viewed alongside blood sugar information, so you can see how your injections affect blood sugar levels.

Partners with compatible diabetes apps

Transfer your dosing information to your preferred diabetes app and easily share it with your healthcare provider.


Supports personalised treatment decisions

NovoPen 6 makes it possible to have more productive consultations because your healthcare provider can provide more personalised treatment guidance.