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B. Braun

Omnican 30G Lance Soft Lancets x 200

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Omnican 30G Lance Soft Lancets

Omnican Lance Soft Lancets are sterile, disposable lancets for use with a lancing device.

They fit in:

- B. Braun Omnilance
- Abbott EasyTouch
- Abbott Freestyle
- Abbot Freestyle Lite
- Bayer Microlet
- Bayer Microlet 2
- BD Optimus
- One Touch UltraSoft
- Glucoject Dual
- Autolet Impression
- BGStar
- Ypsomed Pura

Omnican Lance Soft Lancets use a silicone-coated 3-facet-bevel to ensure a gentle puncture with maximum comfort and ideal blood flow. They have a small diameter to reduce discomfort and tissue damage which may otherwise lead to the formation of calluses at the puncture site.