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PelvicToner Vaginal / Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser

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PelvicToner Vaginal Exerciser

PelvicToner Vaginal Exerciser is a simple exercise routine to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. A healthy, well-toned pelvic floor can help alleviate urinary incontinence and improve sexual pleasure.
PelvicToner Vaginal Exerciser is a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser that been specifically developed to be used in conjunction with Kegel exercises and is guaranteed to make your pelvic floor exercises much more effective. A two year trial at the Bristol Urology Institute noted that PelvicToner Vaginal Exerciser was superior to other products on the market and offered several advantages over the best treatment offered by the NHS.
PelvicToner Vaginal Exerciser takes just 5 minutes a day and has a 70-80% cure or improvement rate for stress incontinence, a condition suffered by 1 in 4 women at some time in their lives. It is so effective that most women see results within days, with 87% of users reporting improved bladder control within 4 weeks, 80% reported an improved sex life within 4 weeks and 92% reporting greater awareness of their pelvic floor after just 2 weeks
Clinical trials have proven PelvicToner Vaginal Exerciser to be at least as effective as a three-month course of pelvic floor muscle training supervised by a trained specialist or physiotherapist
- It helps you confidently identify the correct muscles to exercise, a problem experienced by many women with traditional Kegel exercises.
- It gives you instant feedback that you are squeezing the correct muscle.
- You will exercise effectively because you are squeezing against a resistance.
- You are more likely to continue with your exercise because you will notice very rapid improvements in your bladder control.
- You can achieve excellent results with less effort than the 300 squeezes a day recommended by Kegel.


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