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Profoot Gel Max Heel Cushion - Men's

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Profoot Gel Max Heel Cushion - Men's

Anti-Fatigue Heel Cushion

- Helps relieve foot, knee and lower back pain.
- Helps prevent hard skin build-up on heel.
- Advanced gel design for excellent shock absorption.
- Extra thick Poron centre puts spring in your step.
- Clinically proven to reduce pressure and absorb shock.
- One size fits all.
- Contains 1 pair

Gel Max anti-fatigue heel cushions provide all day comfort for your feet, no matter what level of activity they are put through.

The advanced gel and Poron design cushions every step and helps relieve heel, knee and lower back pain associated with foot impact and heel strike.

Poron - superior performance, superior shock absorption.

More shock absorption in the heel cushion means less shock to the feet and joints. Poron cellular urethanes are very light in weight and offer an exceptionally high degree of cushioning and shock absorption. In side-by-side drop weight tests, Poron outperformed all other gel and foam-based materials this is why Poron materials offer superb cushioning against impact.

Use to Help:

- Provide added heel comfort.
- Reduce general heel pain.
- Cushion heel spurs.
- Absorb shock to heel, knee and lower back.
- Treat bursitis, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis


Insert Gel Max into heel of shoe, flat side down. Be sure always to wear - Profoot Gel Max Heel Cushions in both shoes.