Rosidal K Short Stretch Compression Bandage 6cm x 5M x 3
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Rosidal K Short Stretch Compression Bandage 6cm x 5M x 3

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Rosidal K Short Stretch Compression Bandage

Washable and reusable 100 % cotton short stretch bandage used for strong compression in the management of acute and chronic lymphedema, edema, and venous insufficiency. Numerous studies validate the bandages effectiveness. Rosidal K can also be used for support and stress relief in traumatology and sports medicine. Rosidal K provides a high working pressure and a low resting pressure making them well tolerated. The bandage can be worn both at rest and during exercise therefore, the bandage can be worn at night.Furthermore, because of the high cotton content they are well tolerated by patients, making them very suitable as long-term bandages.


- Lengthwise extensibility of approximately 90%
- High cotton content makes them especially well tolerated by the skin
- Air permeable
- Latex free
- Reusable and machine washable
- Sterilizable with steam
- The double length compression bandages are excellent for use on large limbs




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