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Senokot Syrup Senna 500ml

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Senokot Syrup Senna 500ml
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Senokot Syrup is a reliable and effective laxative made with calcium sennosides (senna). Sennosides work by making bowel muscles contract more often and with more force. This increased muscle action moves bowel contents to the rectum to be emptied and relieves constipation. A 5ml spoonful of Senokot Syrup contains calcium sennosides equivalent to 7.5mg total sennosides (calculated as sennosides B) in a fruit flavoured base. When taken at night it can bring gentle, natural relief from constipation.


  • Effective relief from constipation
  • Pleasant fruit flavour

How to Use:

Adults and children over 12: take two 5ml spoonfuls at night.


Suitable For:

Suitable For adults and children over the age of 12 years