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Suprasorb A Alginate Highly Absorbent Dressing 10cm x 10cm

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Suprasorb A Alginate Highly Absorbent Dressing

Suprasorb� A is a highly absorbent calcium alginate dressing that is an excellent choice in caring for heavily discharging or infected wounds

Made from cross-linked natural calcium alginate fibers, the highly absorbent Suprasorb� A may be used for treating heavily exuding, deep or superficial wounds in the exudation and granulation phase. The softness of the dressing enables it to easily conform to any wound base, enabling it to fill even deep wounds.

The Suprasorb� A wound care dressing is able to absorb large volumes of exudate through rapid formation of gel which is created through the exchange of calcium ions contained in the dressing with sodium ions in the wound exudate. The gel creates a moist wound healing environment and quickly binds exudate which is removed when the dressing is changed. An excellent choice for use with other wound care productsas part of an overall wound care treatment plan.

  • Controls and absorbs even extremely heavy exudates
  • Conforms perfectly to most any wound base
  • Soft structure makes it very comfortable and easy to pack
  • Easy to apply and remove by irrigation using normal saline
  • Available in either a flat sheet or rope dressing

Indications for use include:

  • Chronic wounds such as venous leg, arterial and pressure ulcers
  • Acute postoperative or traumatic wounds and skin donor sites