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Paul Hartmann

Zetuvit E Non-Sterile Dressing Pad 20cm x 20cm (50)

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Zetuvit E Non-Sterile Absorbent Dressing Pads

Wound-compatible absorbent dressing pads; the covering consists of a non-adherent non-woven polypropylene material; the absorbent core consists of soft cellulose fluff; a tissue layer for distribution of exudate; with a hydrophobic, blue non-woven polypropylene layer on the backing of the dressing used as protection against contamination.

Key Features:

- Highly absorbent wound dressing pad for treatment of highly exuding wounds
- Hypoallergenic fibres which are permeable to air and water
- Prevents irritation of surrounding skin
- Enables skin's natural functions to continue
- Provide a high level of absorbency




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