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Ugo Fix Gentle Catheter Clips - Catheter Securement/Stabilisation Clip (5)

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Ugo Fix Gentle Catheter Clip

Comfortable and secure, Ugo Fix Gentle is a soft silicone re-adhesive pad with a revolving clip. It fits comfortably on the thigh or abdomen, so you can move freely and safely – with less pulling or tension at the bladder neck or within the urethra.

  • Safe and simple to position two-way indwelling urinary catheters
  • Easy to apply, remove and reposition
  • Leaves behind no sticky residue
  • Wear it for up to seven days
  • Translucent, so you can easily see your skin
  • Easily adheres to all skin types
  • Less risk of an allergic reaction due to Silicone Technology
  • No need to prepare the skin
  • Comes in a box of five with patient friendly instructions
  • Can be worn with a combination of other Optimum Medical products


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