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Activa Acti-glide Compression Hosiery Stocking Applicator

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Activa Acti-glide Compression Hosiery Stocking Applicator

ActiGlide is the application system which allows your compression hosiery to glide effortlessly up your leg.Activa recognised that compression hosiery can sometimes be difficult to get on and they designed this innovative product specifically for people who want that extra helping hand.

Both patients and nurses are delighted with the ActiGlide, Activa's nurse Jeanette Muldoon says "Less agile and arthritic patients will really appreciate the benefits of using ActiGlide. It really is simple and easy to use, and consequently patients are able to wear their compression hosiery every day and really feel the benefits".

Even if you are not using compression hosiery, but are simply struggling to put on your regular socks or tights, then the ActiGlide can help to make your life easier.

Features and Benefits:

- Easy hosiery application
- Long lasting and durable
- For use with arm and leg garments, open and closed toe



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