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Activa Class 2 British Standard Hosiery Socks - Small

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Activa Class 2 British Standard Hosiery Socks



Compression hosiery from L&R ( formerly Activa Healthcare ) for the treatment of venous conditions without oedema

Indications for Use:

Class 2 FP10/GP10 - Provides medium compression and should be used in medium severity varicose veins and mild oedema, including varicosis during pregnancy. Activa Class 2 hosiery can be used as part of the treatment for and to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of venous leg ulcers.

Other indications - Activa Class 2 hosiery should also be considered post operatively and on long distance travel to help prevent deep vein thrombosis in high risk patients.


- Significant arterial disease (ischaemia) according to vascular assessment
- Current acute inflammatory episode
- Acute deep vein thrombosis
- Patients with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis unless after specialist referral and under supervision, - due to risk of microvascular disease
- Congestive heart failure, as compression could lead to cardiac overload
- Sensory disorders of the limb i.e. peripheral neuropathy
- Known sensitivity to the fabric
Brand:Activa Type:Compression Socks/Hose MPN:3570033 Colour:Black