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Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing 4cm x 10cm

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Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing

Aquacel Ag dressing provides clinicians and patients with all the benefits of hydrofiber technology plus the benefits of ionic silver, in a versatile dressing for use with moderately-to-highly exuding chronic and acute wounds.

Aquacel Ag dressing is indicated for the management of infected wounds and wounds at risk of infection.

Why Aquacel AG?

Ionic Silver - The ionic silver in AQUACEL Ag dressing kills a broad spectrum of wound pathogens including MRSA and VRE, as demonstrated in in vitro studies

Provides better fluid absorption (g/10cm2) under pressure (40mm Hg) compared with other silver-containing dressings

- Creates a moist wound environment to support healing
- Provides excellent absorption and retention
- Helps protect peri-wound skin and reduce maceration
- Provides on-demand antimicrobial activity within the dressing
- Provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
- Provides rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity
- May help minimise cross-contamination on dressing removal
- Helps balance the inflammatory response
- Minimises pain during wear and at dressing removal
- Excellent ease of application and removal
- Up to seven day wear time
- Upto 14 Day Antimicrobial Activity

Indications (under the supervision of a healthcare professional)

- Pressure Ulcers
- Leg Ulcers
- Diabetic Foot Ulcers
- Funating Lesions
- Post-Surgical Wounds
- Abrasions, Lacerations and Partial Thickness Burns



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