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Cutisoft Wipes - Skin Cleansing Swabs x 100

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Cutisoft Wipes - Skin Cleansing Swabs

These wipes are designed to cleanse the skin prior to an injection, conveniently and individually wrapped for single use, these wipes can be used anywhere.

Made from a non-woven material these Cutisoft alcohol swabs will not leave fibers behind.

This product is saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. This product is sealed in a sanitised environment.

Designed to be used after a bowel movement, instead of regular toilet paper, as well as for cleansing the anal area before applying other Anusol products: cream, ointments or suppositories.

Benefits of alcohol swabs prior to injection:

Alcohol is a substance that is used for medicinal purposes to disinfect the skin prior to injections being injected. Alcohol swabs are used to prevent infections, which could be caused by bacteria on the skin, these bacteria can then be injected within the tissue if the area is not sanitised.

Directions for use:

- Wash hands thoroughly before use
- Open individual packet
- Apply swab directly to skin area surrounding injection. Wiping only in one direction.
- Let skin dry before use of injection.
- Discard swab
- Wash hands after use to ensure that no bacteria has been transferred

Product warning :

Always read the label carefully before use. Product is for external use only.

Remember to always keep all medicine out of reach of children.

Brand:BSN Medical Type:Wipes EAN:4042809200751 MPN:3667110


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