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Duocal Super Soluble (400G)

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Duocal Super Soluble Powder (400g)

Duocal is a high calorie, protein-free nutritional supplement that can be added to foods or beverages when additional calories are required.

Discovering that your child is failing to grow and thrive can be a worrying time for everyone involved. The problem may be made worse if your child has feeding problems, dislikes nutritional supplements or struggles with gaining weight.

Duocal can help your child get back on track and start gaining weight. Duocal is the ideal support for children failing to thrive as it provides the extra calories that promote vibrant health and catch-up growth.

Calories at your Convenience

The good s is that Duocal allows your child to enjoy the natural goodness of their
favorite, regular foods and increase their calorie intake. There is no need for your child to fill up on liquid nutritional supplements - you can just add Duocal into their normal diet.

Simply add Duocal to foods and beverages at meal or snack time without changing the taste, texture or amount of food This is great if your child is struggling with food intake. Extra calories can be added to small amounts of food to ensure your child receives essential calories for catch-up growth without the struggle of increasing the amount of food they need to eat. Duocal is the best thing your child will never taste!


  • Duocal powder is available to purchase in 400 gram cans
  • High calorie - 42 calories/Tbsp
  • Neutral flavor to encourage patience compliance
  • Simple to use; Duocal powder is completely soluble and mixes easily in liquids and moist foods
  • No added volume children continue to enjoy the nutrition of regular foods
  • Milk-protein free - appropriate for children with milk protein allergy
  • Appropriate for children through to adults
  • Appropriate for oral and tube feeding



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