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Durafiber Non-woven Gelling Fibre Dressings 10cm x 10cm x 10

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Durafiber Non-woven Gelling Fibre Dressings

Durafiber is a strong, non-woven, gelling fibre dressings ideal for medium and heavily exuding, infected and non-infected wounds.


- High wet strength and structural integrity
- Low risk of fibre shed and dressing residue
- Minimal pain and trauma for the patient on dressing removal
- High absorption and retention capacity
- Minimal lateral wicking
- Locks in fluid and harmful bacteria

Conformable Gel:

- Uncompromised patient comfort
- Gentle conformable gel
- Reduces dead space where bacteria may proliferate

Assured Dressing Efficiencies:

- Unique anti-shrinkage properties
- Minimal shrinkage when wet ? may help sustained coverage
- Maintains a favourable moist wound healing environment
- Specially designed with innovative technology


- Leg ulcer, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers
- Surgical wounds
- Donor sites
- Partial thickness burns
- Traumatic wounds


- Not to be useds as a surgical sponge in heavy bleeding wounds
- If reddening or sensitisation occurs discontinue use



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