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FlavourPac Powder All Flavours 30x4g

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FlavourPac Powder All Flavours

FlavourPac is range of powders designed to be used in conjunction with Vitaflo's range of gel and express powdered protein substitutes for the treatment of inherited metabolic disease.

FlavourPac is protein free and contains carbohydrate, sugar, sweeteners and colouring and can be used from 1 year of age. FlavourPac is available in blackcurrant, lemon, orange, raspberry and tropical options - simply choose from the drop down menu above.


  • The dosage will be determined by your clinician or dietitian.

Suggested Dosage:

  • With unflavoured gel: add ½ to 1 FlavourPac sachet to gel powder sachet.
  • With unflavoured express: Add 1 FlavourPac sachet to express powder sachet.

FlavourPac is a food for special medical purposes and must only be given to patients with proven inborn errors of metabolism under strict medical supervision.



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