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Fora Advance Pro Blood Glucose Test Strip x 50

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Fora Advance Pro Blood Glucose Test Strip

FORA Comfort Pro GD40 is highly accurate and overcomes hematocrit limitations with innovative 5-Electrode Technology.

What is 5-Electrode Technology?

It is highly accurate as it utilizes a 5-point electro-detection strip technology that minimizes interferences from varying hematocrit levels.

Five Electro-Detection Points:

How Does it Work?

Glucose levels are measured and corrected by a factor depending on their hematocrit levels.A corrected glucose level is converted to a plasma-calibrated result.

With the innovative 5-Electrode Technology, FORA COMFORT pro GD40 offers an ultimate platform for accurate, fast and reliable point-of-care testing in clinics and healthcare centers.


Advanced Strip Technology:

Superior accuracy is achieved through utilizing the GDH-FAD enzyme with hematocrit interference correction. This supports blood glucose testing in extreme hematocrit ranges 0-70%.

Super Sip-In (SSI) technology:

Blood application is made easier and faster with a light touch. Our SSI technology allows blood to be easily drawn out onto the absorbent area of the strip, resulting in fast and accurate glucose detection.

Touch of Assurance:

The assurance of averting from false start, testing error and unnecessary waste of strip is provided.

LancingNew Lancing Comfort:

Minimal cutaneous damage is achieved through a tri-bevel needle design and minimal needle-tip vibration during skin penetration.

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