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Ginkyo Mind & Memory One-A-day x 30 Tablets

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Ginkyo Mind & Memory One-A-day


- Ginkgo biloba to help maintain short term memory by maintaining a healthy circulation to the extremities including the brain
- It can also help maintainshort term peripheral circulation.
- 30 one a day tablets per pack.

Standardised extract of Ginkyo biloba (LI 1370). Dried Extract: 120 mg per tablet. Helps to maintain a healthy circulation to the extremities and the brain. Ginkyo of the Ginkgo biloba tree contains the special extract LI 1370. The fresh leaves are dried and then extracted by a specialised technique to concentrate the active ingredients unique to Ginkgo. It is important to know that only Ginkgo biloba extracts with a minimum of 25% concentration of the leaves' active constituents like Ginkyo have been thoroughly researched for effectiveness. These studies indicate that a daily intake of standardised Ginkgo biloba extracts could help to keep blood vessels dilated, so allowing blood to flow freely to all parts of the body, and especially to the extremities. These include the brain, where healthy circulation is vital.


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