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Protifar Protein Powder 225g

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Protifar is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. Protifar is a powdered, unflavoured, high protein supplement, for the dietary management of patients with hypoproteinaemia, as a protein supplement for those unable to meet their protein requirements from normal food and drink or for patients with increased protein requirements e.g. burns, wound healing. Protifar is available in 225g re-sealable tins. Scoop holds approximately 2.5g of powder (2.2g protein).

Directions for Use

Protifar has a neutral taste and can therefore be added to both sweet and savoury foods or drinks without significantly altering flavour or texture. It is also suitable for use in cooking. Wash your hands, use clean or sterilized utensils and ensure top of pack is clean. Use only the scoop provided. Protifar should be mixed with sufficient cold liquid to form a smooth paste before stirring into food or drink.

Product Storage
Keep sealed and store in a dry, cool place (5-25°C), do not refrigerate. Once opened, use contents within 1 month. Replace lid firmly after use. Prepare the food per serving and use within 2 hours. Always discard unfinished solutions.

UNIT 100ml
Energy: kcal 368
Energy: kJ 1560
Protein: g 87.2
Carbohydrate: g 1.2
Fat: g 1.6




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