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Urgosorb Absorbent Dressings 10cm x 10cm x 10

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Urgosorb Absorbent Dressings

Urgosorb is an absorbent dressing combining calcium alginate fibres with hydrocolloid particles.
Mode of action:
When in contact with exudate, sodium-calcium ion exchange takes place between the wound and the dressing, UrgoSorb gels and maintains the moist environment favourable for the healing process. UrgoSorb absorbs the exudate, softens and drains any necrotic debris.
Through platelet activation, Urgosorb dressing promotes primary haemostasis of acute and chronic bleeding wounds.
Benefits for the wound:
- Exudate management (vertical absorption protecting peri-wound skin from maceration)
- Moist wound healing Haemostatic properties
Benefits for health professionals:
- Debridement capability
- Exudate absorption
- One piece removal
- Moist wound healing
- Haemostatic properties
- Easy to apply and to remove
- Atraumatic dressing changes
- May be used under compression
- Clinically proven
Benefits for patients:
- Atraumatic dressing changes
- Comfortable and well tolerated
UrgoSorb is indicated for exuding and bleeding wounds, during the sloughy and granulation stage.
Urgosorb is contraindicated for the endonasal cavity in rhinoplastic surgery, third degree burns, dry necrotic tissue or eschar and the control of heavy bleeding.
Do not use as an implantable surgical pad



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